Welcome to the Way Within - a website dedicated to helping seekers become finders. It's a resource for any one that is interested in how they can find peace of mind, transcend their pasts, drop the past and live in the now. In short, it's here to help you become enlightened.

The good news is we are learning more every day about how to achieve equanimity of mind and live lives that are peaceful, centered and purposeful. The really big news from researchers is that the how is not universal and that different people need to adopt different approaches. Not really surprising as we are all different and have lived very different lives!

It turns out the key to successfully move forwards on the path towards your goal is to gain exposure to a variety of different practices so that you can discover the practices that really work for you and then double down on those practices and integrate the insights so that your whole life is transformed.

This site is here to help you discover what works for you, connect with like minded people and find the support you need to turn the idea of enlightenment into your reality.

The site is also here to learn from you, gather more and more data on what works and what doesn't work, learn why what works work, and why what doesn't doesn't and also understand what the constraints are so we can better help seekers. The larger goal is that as we learn we can use that insight to direct people straight to what is most likely to work for them. In short our project is to work out what works best and for whom and guide seekers onto the fastest possible path to becoming a finder.

To achieve all this we create and curate content experiences that expose seekers to different spiritual and mindfulness practices, assess the effectiveness of each practice so the seeker can identify the practices to focus on and we teach seekers how to integrate the insights so that they are transformed at all levels of being.

For this project to succeed we need to connect with seekers, we need to gather feedback and we need to recruit more people to this project to help with data analysis, content creation, research projects and generally doing the work!

If this appeals please sign up, it's free to join but we have some paid options for anyone that want to help financially. We need money to create content, initate research, pay for resources, tools and create future events.