Research has revealed that some practices work better for some people than others. So far the research hasn't established what works best for whom, which raises a very big questions... How do we know which practices will work best for each individual?

Our Hypothesis

We have a hypothesis, which we want to test:

There is a correlation between personality type and the effectiveness of a certain practices

To test this we want the gather data about both which practices work best and what personality types people have. To keep things relatively simple we thought we would use Myers Briggs (MB).

So, if you don't know your MB type please do a quick personality test.

Measuring effects

We also want to have some objective measurement of the effectiveness of each practice or other resources. To do this we wanted to start by getting all seekers to baseline their current state of fundamental welling using the free tests provided by UPenn Authentic Happiness center.

Authentic Happiness Tests

First go to the Authentic Happiness Test Center:

Create an account, login in, and have a look at the questionnaires.

I recommend the following test initially as a minimum:

·         Authentic Happiness Inventory

However for a fuller picture, I'd also recommend the following:

·         Fordyce Emotions Questionnaire

·         PERMA

·         Satisfaction with Life Scale

When you complete the questionnaires, print the screen that shows all of the tests and results to a PDF and keep it for your reference.

You can take additional ones later and you can retake the ones you have taken anytime, but you should keep your original scores so that you can compare at a later date.

You don’t have to share the scores with us.